Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Cool Casey at the Bat" The Beatnik Version by Mikhail Horowitz , Mad Magazine,1960


Mikhail Horowitz said...


Mikhail Horowitz said...


Please ignore previous comment from me—a typo.

It's true I have written and performed an adaptation of "Cool Casey," but I did not write the MAD magazine original — that was penned by Frank Jacobs, a MAD staff writer, and first published in 1960 (when I was ten). That's the version you have posted. My adaptation can be heard on Hungry for Music's "Bottom of the Fifth" CD, part of the "Baseball Diamonds" series of baseball-related songs and poetry. You can find it at The CD's liner notes clearly state that my version is an adaptation of Mr. Jacobs' original.

Mikhail Horowitz